Introduction to Physical Security Information Management

The security of an enterprise largely depends on systems of surveillance (Video management systems) and systems of control (Access control Systems). Physical Security information Management connects separate VMS and ACS into a single and unified security information management platform and providing intelligence inputs to concerned personnel. Here are a few other facts about PSIM: Ability The PSIM integrates security information as passed on to it from various control points occupied by VMS and ACS. It also integrates the various IT and security processes that governs the management of data of the organization. Therefore, it is an integration of security, technology and data of the organization. After integration of relevant security information, the system is brought online and it analyzes data and correlates different events and alarms to identify the situation and the priority. For example, the system may define a break in by receiving data from various access controls and sensor analysis and prioritize it over someone accessing his human factor is then brought in when the PSIM presents its findings to the operator for confirmation or rejection. Once confirmed, it directs the necessary action by following organizational policies as outlined in its software and then consolidates its processes for further investigation at a later stage. The speed and improved decision making ability has been PSIM's USP.

Situation awareness PSIM prompts better situation awareness that realizes better business and security decisions. Unifying its surveillance wings and making sense out of the considerable amount of security information that can be derived out of it reducing response times. Managing "the situation" is much more sophisticated than managing "a situation". "A situation in which a person accesses a hallway" is much different from "the situation in which a person accesses a restricted hallway without proper authorization and accesses a secured vault." This involves correlation of the security information passed on by motion detectors, access control points, video surveillance and the like. Advantage over present security systems Companies look to combine their existing security systems with more efficient brands of security systems, which fall into the bracket of PSIM's customer centric method of operation.

Vendor independence: Most VMS and ACS vendors follow a closed architecture meaning that if someone wishes to integrate them, they will have to do it on their own.Migration: PSIM systems allow for migration from one technology to another without hassle. It is common for organizations to migrate from older to newer technologies over a period of time.Powerful authentication systems: A consistent level of security across the board is maintained through out the organization regardless of the operator, system or user.Process guidance: the PSIM's inherent property to guide operators through the various systems setup according to company and regulatory policies ensure that responses are predetermined and in accordance with its programming. By 2014, the business opportunity for PSIM platforms would be worth nearly $200 million although it is stated that if other revenues such as maintenance, designs and consulting are considered, it could exceed $1 billion.